New review: blade Runner 2049 13.10.2017

I looked twice Running 2049, strained trying to understand and figure out, but in my head, like in Los Angeles a dystopian future, no pojasnila. It became clear only one thing: the movie wakes some squiggles of emotion, and, as they say, makes you think, and when we leave the cinema back in October the city for a second stand under the neon sign and look at the speckled puddle.

It’s funny how the creators of the last century had placed unrealistic naumachie, exaggerated hopes and fears for the future. Mikhalkov in 2001, the children traveled to the moon, and in the universe of blade Runner with the filing of Scott’s 20 year have been so big seams that in Los Angeles, the city’s once-Sunny and carefree, relaxed and belching wet, grey snow in St. Petersburg, and not overcrowded on the debris on the streets.

I always read reviews when preparing to write, and it strikes me the same naive love of people to work, prologo. Our critical attitude to everything shallow and mediocre. This radical amylacetate to the efforts of producers who just want to eat and live well, and for the sake of struggling to kick all of these horses. I think the reaction to BPL 2049 so resonate with his style, with plunging into a depression atmosphere that it is today movie we deserve. Romantic nostalgia for the “arrogant”, “experimental” of the first part, in which was silver unicorns — as fruitless as Tania advertisers from the world of dystopia that stretch numerous holograms on the facades of the houses, trying to fill those holes, hardened by consumerism, in other people.

In the new part, in fact, everything is as it should be to look only at these resonant, scattered, non-linear streets (if the ditch between the blocks of buildings still standing can call it that). This crush, this anxiety, this constant noise, a roar, a screech and a roar, constantly somewhere above the ear, are constantly startles. You come home through the curtains eyes from the light of a lantern with a neighboring house. Huge turquoise stain grows and dazzles — again, swam past a giant advertising barge with dancing naked girls. Pollution by light and noise just crosses all boundaries, creating a sense of something more horrific, I could imagine artists of the 20th century. They wrote the crash, which occurred at an unknown point in the future. They liked to imagine the world, broken down by their heirs or they themselves, who somehow survives and sways on one leg under a discordant chorus of gnashing of cyberpunk. And we can do better, scarier, uglier. Our fantasy of utopia — man-made horror of what is happening right now. Maybe in some ways these visionaries and he was right. Maybe we’re not identical people with androids and flying cars, and Mars we the people do not forget, but we are still “grown” to this point spread as the nozzles of apathy, existential crisis so profound that the character Replicants know themselves. And all this discomfort, delirium tremens, panic anguish under the hubbub of the information-garbage — it’s all we, that’s how we feel, living in these congested industries, reviewing poorly, hastily made films that are forced to share the space with rude people in a movie that gleam in the eye phones and talk loudly on the quiet moments.

Replicants fierce desire to be real is our desire. Because the fun in such films is the fact that robots are written by people.

Therefore, the Gosling may not upset and not sad. And sitting this in your kitchen with this Siri, pokes a fork in his noodles and thinks: Ah, if only I was a real boy… But here’s the irony? reference? the trick? Descartes, in whose honor and named the character Harrison Ford (Yes, the hair’s not falling out of it), said, think, therefore, exist. If the Key is so bookish, he had sooner or later to stumble on this thesis. Maybe that’s why he suffered? Although Gosling is not very clear, because he’s usually doing: suffering, suffering, toe puffs, fists in the air shaking. Wonderful man.

The style, the colors, the music in the movie is just subordinates. The scene with the prostitute and joy — computer, emotional revelation. Captures the brain, I would say. Villeneuve directed generally good. Not going to name names, but (cough, Terrence Malick, cough), unlike other artists of the art-house, he takes a forty-minute break and makes it so hard, beautiful, exciting, touching (underline) that you don’t want to fall asleep. He with his team fills the frame cutting eye, frightening images, violence and the fearful consciousness. Fills a perfect geometry, or noise waves. Sometimes the film is very much like interstellar, especially in the moments when the tiny ship flies through the dust, and God knows what kind of dirt under the soundtrack, suggestive of included the hand dryer. Those clearly drawn lines and the perfect palette, the same megalomania. Only if the Interstellar matter occurs in space and, accordingly, these cyclopean planet in contrast with the small figures of ships look OK here — dams, buildings, waves and statues. Lonely, creepy, wrong, and just uncomfortable in your future. Even non-humans!

And synthetic organisms — well, sort of. I perform their function. Head against the wall beat — not broken, but if you stab a knife between the ribs, under the heart — lies face down on the ground and slowly bleeding to death. This is it really a big difference, who among us Android and who is human? Villeneuve’s film, maybe, and could not repeat the genius of blade Runner, but he has a very modern and continues the tradition of a disputed antagonism of the franchise. The villains — if there was any — all buried in the sand and just exude toxic fumes. Who’s the villain? An angry woman who beats all legs? The police? Jared Leto? This way, from movie to movie continues to play himself. Only if RJ is better because Iron Man and his warm, fatherly charisma we are happy always… but summer is a syndrome of God, pinched face, cultural appropriation, tons CDA, that’s all. He’s such a villain on the level of Thanos and Malekith: I want to enslave the whole world! Why? I don’t know… but necessary!!!

Perhaps, 2049 in its own way is not ideal. Not see and do not want to admit in this fairy-tale beauty, praised by all, because it is not. I see literate, melancholy and the internal consciousness of their own giftedness presented to the devastation. And yet, I like the idea that these Replicants are better people, obsessed with the desire to become real. These crowds of poor Pinocchio, do not even realize… that he really is alive, who knows how to suffer. Their war is won.

New review: blade Runner 2049 13.10.2017

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