New review: blade Runner 2049 13.10.2017

Despite stunning real post-apocalyptic landscapes and futuristic types kiberpankovye of the metropolis, the life of the protagonist Replicant Kay (Ryan Gosling) appears in a suspiciously familiar to the average citizen canvas: hated the work, eternally dissatisfied boss, Studio in high-rise neighbours, marginalized, and even in personal life status “it’s complicated.” However, as in any similar cinematic story suddenly everything changes. Non-trivial discovery on the last working object will require from Kay for their answers go a long way and learn a lot about themselves and the world where he lives.

By the way, about the world. The world created by D. Vilniem definitely a world in which nobody is happy. The frame is cleverly designed aesthetics frightening high-tech city with alarming, disturbing music. The heroes of this world are endless, on the verge of common sense, the pursuit of the goal, but the goal is different for everyone. Tycoon Wallace (Jared Leto) dreams, likening himself to the Creator, to recreate a type of Replicant that could reproduce itself, the assistant to the tycoon’s Replicant Love (Sylvia hooks) fighting for the title of “Best angel” and the fleeting encouragement of Wallace, ethereal friend joy Kay (Ana de Armas) wants one moment to feel alive and vulnerable, and the Key — to know, finally, who he is, whose memories are constantly in his head — his own or implanted.

In General, what is this film about? About a future world in which no one wants to live, but to which we strenuously seek by their actions. About finding yourself and answers to questions to which more important than to save lives. Finally, the choice that makes you human.

10 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 2049 13.10.2017

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