New review: blade Runner 2049 20.10.2017

You can start some intelligent thought about the nature of man to perform your life or hundreds of other people, but all this waste of words on the subject, in which there are no boundaries. It is infinite as space.

Many ships plied its open spaces. Here we will focus on the ship “Cyberpunk“, in which the next replenishment. The long-awaited sequel to the cult films of the 80-ies, which became the pioneer of the genre of science fiction that draws a person’s life in the future. A grim future.

The picture has not changed its 35-year-old ancestor. It presents the same bleak (and beautiful) world with amazing atmosphere and modern quality. This 3-hour intense cocktail that you should drink very slowly, otherwise will miss a lot.

In the thirst is a huge mistake most viewers of this painting and even more the unwillingness to look “ancient”. They run a movie at the call of colorful advertising and a driving trailer, expecting to see “star wars” or at least “guardians of the galaxy“. Like travelers in the desert the Mirage of an oasis.

What do they get? Three hours of agony, because do not understand what is happening, besides a little ACTION here is even more escalate the boredom.

If the first part is not passed by your eyes, it is clearly not a colorful ad will take you to the movies.

You want to know the continuation of the story? Want to once again plunge into the unusual world of the future? To see long-familiar, but old characters? Then you here!

There is another deeper reason to watch this movie, is the theme of man as a unique creation of nature, the theme of its essence and role in the background of the developing world. Yes, you will again receive the lion’s portion of philosophy in his head.

This picture is perfectly executed in visual terms. Just a panacea for eyes. Such a colorful, realistic, utopian and wildly alluring setting of the world of the film is rarely where you will meet. If the first part (in the distant 80th year) squeezed the maximum potential of technology, to establish a picture of the future, the creators of the bar is not lowered exactly.

The plot is not inferior to the first film. Clever, interesting thing. He quietly reveals all of 3 hours, in a hurry, all lucidly presents a pleasant surprise, but without logic and senseless blunders again not done, but that’s spoilers.

The actors were not phoning it in, especially the main characters. No complaints. Although, we should not forget that most of the characters are robots, they play hard.

Result. Be sure to view the first part. Without it there is no point in wasting 3 hours of their time on this picture. If well, you know, then go ahead! Disappointments will not be.

New review: blade Runner 2049 20.10.2017

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