New review: blade Runner 28.09.2017

I watched the movie in edition 2010. The film was updated graphics, looks quite modern creations. Well, the story is quite relevant to this day. The film is based on the book by Philip K. dick, but quite different from it.

The first fun fact that is striking: naming model of androids, the Nexus 6. Now my curiosity is piqued, is it a coincidence Google has given a name to your phone, or it was a tribute to the work of the great science fiction.

The second thing I want to mention, this is a terrific soundtrack by Vangelis. He is just perfect the picture. Perpetual rain, a giant abandoned building-ant, a gloomy picture. It all blends perfectly with the music. However, when it starts, it directly falls out from the atmosphere of the film. Very interesting feeling and the effect, in my opinion, never met. What to compare… Well, for example, we watch the movie Star wars 754. We show the long planet, animals typical of such transfer Animal Planet. And then, suddenly, not stopping the music, have space then the Jedi, shoot, perialis, disappeared, again, look about the planet. That’s all crazy, but very harmonious. Amazing. And the music here plays perhaps the leading role.

The film is much more specific than the book. We explained the motivations of the androids, has collected a consistent picture of the world, threw all the ideas about empathy and magic boxes for sharing of emotions and a variety of animals. But yeah, the animals here appear as a kind of homage to the original. Otherwise, this is a very specific tape, in which the philosophical thought of the tunes, except that the atmosphere. So that was pretty simple, in my opinion, the tape, the typical work “based on” a profound novel. Does this mean that the movie is bad? Not at all. The actors played well. Experience has shown, decisions and conclusions of the main characters simplified and concretized. And Yes, change. Harrison Ford — handsome, like many other actors.

A very strong finale. Hamlet’s dialogue from the car. The issue suddenly POPs up directly from the book. We are left to decide how it should be, who is good and who is bad. However, androids are much more dangerous creatures than in the book. Killing people and speech in the theatre… Surely the first scares. To encourage response, and, I think, quite frankly, although not by far. Thank you for it. If it was called guilty, and the finals would be extremely rosary from the book would have remained only names and small details. Also, it is possible to say that the “explanation” says is well deserved.

Great movie, classic fiction. Compared to the book it is simplified, so the screen time is limited and the audience is potentially different.

8 out of 10

New review: blade Runner 28.09.2017

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