New review: Blood Drive 17.06.2017

Blood, dismemberment, debauchery, bezchelovechno, cool cars, corrupt police, and greed. Confusing, banal plot. A bunch of crazy freaks and cars running on human blood. Well-chosen music, moving dipping into the atmosphere of madness. The show has everything to be a good Thriller in the atmosphere of post-Apocalypse. But not everything is so smooth.

The biggest drawback, for me, are the main actors. Behind them uninteresting to watch, they are lost in this madness. Are you waiting for what is going to pull another crazy and absolutely do not empathize with the drama unfolding around the main characters.

The main character is constantly with Chupa-Chups and chewing gum, then when the whole world is buying up the remnants of clean water from the machines for a lot of money, seriously?

This series is unlikely you will see with your girlfriend, and is particularly susceptible to pass.

Overall, the show was good, but the excellent can not say.

For the atmosphere and the madness

8 out of 10

New review: Blood Drive 17.06.2017

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