New review: Blow up Hitler 26.07.2017

At the dawn of its activities in a large cinema, Oliver Hirshbigel made two outstanding films: “the Experiment” (2001) and “the Bunker” (2004), which directly or indirectly present the theme of the 12-year rule of the national socialist regime in Germany (1933-1945). Further Hirshbigel made one attempt to gain a foothold in Hollywood — “the Invasion” (2007), and two attempts — in the British cinema: “Five minutes of heaven” (2009) and “Diana” (2013). These attempts were not successful, and, in my opinion, first of all, art.

Thus, 11 years later, Oliver Hirshbigel returned to his native German cinema and to the already familiar theme. However, this time the topic was reviewed under the significantly different angle.

First, the chronology of the story shifted to the past, to the middle and early stages of the national socialist period of German history (and even to the days when the Nazis even came to power). And secondly, the storytelling became more personalized (you can even say, delicate) character, as in its center was a German carpenter, Johann Georg, Elser, November 8, 1939 bombed the Munich beer”, Burgerbraukeller” to assassinate Adolf Hitler, who had already almost 7 years, was on the political top of Germany.

In addition to the personality of Altera, this film has something to say about some of the other characters, cleverly solved for a small amount of the allotted time. It is noticeable that Hirshbigel tried not to go to extremes and avoid sweeping judgments.

“Alter” has deep psychological “Experiment” or epic scale, “Hopper”, however, offers a compelling study of the innards of a totalitarian regime and his gradual exposure to subject society, as well as a poignant story of smoldering, in such circumstances, the remnants of conscience and sanity.

8 out of 10

New review: Blow up Hitler 26.07.2017

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