New review: Blue abyss 25.09.2017

The incredible success from a little-known Director whose name did not know yesterday one, and today, talking to many. Average Thriller about underwater adventures turned into a real box office success. A small budget paid for itself nine times, which cannot fail to please any producer. Absolutely small story ballooned up to quite a decent size, serious audience interest. For many years the Director Johannes Roberts promoted themselves in the world of cinema, each year earning points and the opportunity to work on big Hollywood. A couple of years ago he removed like a good Thriller, but until the end could not live up to its trust. And now, squeezing all the power in his fist, Johannes risks everything and produces large screens sharp-toothed movie sea of suspense.

In the story the two sisters set off to Mexico in search of adventure, and soon, unfortunately, they find them. They are offered to feel a real drive, plunging into the ocean to sharks, but suddenly a tragedy happens and the cell, where the sister falls to the bottom of the cold abyss.

Of course, experienced the viewer is quite difficult to surprise an interesting underwater Thriller, but I think that this picture has fulfilled its mission in full. Exciting plot and the relentless adrenaline rush of the events will appeal to all fans of action-Packed movie. Continuous dynamics quite cheerfully runs through the nerves of the viewer and makes him seriously worried for the main characters. I’m not going to condemn the frivolous actions of some characters, since blamed it on the emotional impulses of human shock. I’m sometimes surprised when certain critics of the sofa, watching a movie, start hard and seriously to drive on the absurd actions of the characters are in extreme situations. I mean, I understand that from the visible and to talk from the couch is very comfortable, but nobody wants to put themselves in the place of characters and try a little bit to understand the full horror of what is happening in their minds, when the real danger toothy death ready at any moment to break apart. So I always try to drop and not pick such moments of frivolous actions of some characters.

As for performances, she performed at a very good level. And let the sharks turned painfully bloodthirsty, but still to watch a movie was very exciting and very interesting. The actors did what they could, and in General, everything was pretty good. I’m sure big bare film studios are lining up to offer and directing many different projects. And we wish him great successes and great Prime Minister.

And for those who haven’t seen “the Blue abyss”, nice view and be careful plunging into the depths.

6 out of 10

New review: Blue abyss 25.09.2017

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