New review: Blue blood 13.09.2017

Comedy, based on a play by British playwright Noel Coward, known for his ability to “envelop the skeleton plays a light layer of irony”.

Maybe the scenario material for the film was, but clearly had neither the irony nor Comedy, nor sharpness. The film turned out frankly boring and bland. The situation is neither beautiful family estate (it is all reminiscent of “Downton Abbey”), nor, in my opinion, a good game Julie Andrews. As for game Stephen fry in this movie, his comedic talent has failed to open up fully. William Baldwin plays a completely implausible Hollywood drinker. Looking at him, and I want to say: “No way!”.

Attempt to present to the audience and aristocracy, and Hollywood of the 50’s, was too stylized and too “stilted”.

At the same time over all ease of this film, for all the Comedy and innocence are apparent in fashion today, the politically correct elitist pathos, which we are persistently trying to convey. Everyone should be in his place: fair and well-bred aristocrats, the owners, extravagant and loose Hollywood upstarts and always knows his place well-trained servants.

6 out of 10

New review: Blue blood 13.09.2017

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