New review: Borg/McEnroe 09.10.2017

While “blade Runner 2049” attracted all the attention of the audience itself, in a small fucking number of cinemas issued a few sessions humble film,”Borg/McEnroe“. Hell, at least in my city there are only 10 sessions on the day. I think, if just to get to one, then disappointed to leave will not work. One damn fantastic movie not able to impress, he may choose to take, you know, based on real events. Forget about the tennis. Look at heroes.

Borg/McEnroe“is the story of two Parallels, which sooner or later must come together at one point, and then moving forward to form a single line. Easy to see what the main rivals on the tennis court was in childhood and how it began, and, in his professional career. The true mirror: while the teenager Bjorn Borg hysterics in training, his contemporary John McEnroe behaves modest; in 1980 it was unrecognizable Swede observes rituals and keeps quiet, as long as the American is not holding back anger.

All these flashbacks were shown not just and not in vain. In fact, we see, damn it, one and the same person. The goal is that at the end to see this entire, collective image. Forever. The final confrontation clearly showed how good both athletes. The scales are alternately appeared in the side of the Borg, on the side of McEnroe. These guys are worth each other. In the film, as if fate itself a magnet attracted both two Parallels to the same point. So I want to see them close friends. Let no gay jokes. Damn!

In addition, the film shows uncomfortable how hard the fate of athletes, media persons, which is constantly following the path of the fans and that journalists ask, hell, uncomfortable questions. They is always a lot of pressure. They are required titles, victories, interviews, and smiles. Rightly said Bjoern Borg: play it once, and immediately, you bastards, forget about past victories (even if it was 4 in a row). It seems that to be famous all over the world thing is cool. In fact, to this you need to be prepared. Damn!

Shia LaBeouf is good. Whatever might say about it, happy with his game and characters too. Not to show off, showing the kind of actor class. Brilliantly presented tennis player, who with all aggressiveness quite vulnerable small. Sverrir Gudnason — the spitting image of Nordic beauty. The resemblance to the Borg shakes. Introduced what is called the Scandinavian cold in character. The entire film Director Janus Metz removed just in cool tones. And the final match triggers within this tension that validol would not hurt in the pocket.

8 out of 10

New review: Borg/McEnroe 09.10.2017

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