New review: Brainstorm 31.07.2016

Before us, forgotten us, fantastic movie under the loud name “Brainstorm“. The film was directed by Douglas Trumbull. Despite the interesting name, a colorful poster, a mysterious trailer and the participation of famous actors, to film failed and not even paid for itself. Criticism this movie received neutral, and the picture remained aloof.

We see the story of doctors and scientists who are working on an incredible project. They created a machine with which you can load any thoughts in the head of a person: feelings, experiences and emotions. The main character gets into a complicated story that revolves around this strange machine, representing a brainstorm. Soon tragedy strikes, and the technique falls into the wrong hands…

The main problem of the removal of the film to the end was the fact that the actress Natalie wood (who plays one of the main female roles) has died before the film was not up to the end cleared. The picture was filled in the cut scenes, and perhaps because of this, it was a bit unfinished.

The idea of this sci-Fi movie was original, but the movie was mediocre. It resembles a bitter candy that you chew, chew and then spit out. I thought this picture was missing something dynamic, alive. Perhaps another direction. From this story I wanted more cool film, but it turned out that drift, and once.

The cast was known. Natalie wood was, of course, very sorry. This American actress died early, and her death lay a dark spot on the film itself. The main male role was played by American actor Christopher Walken. At that time he was already very popular due to some dramas with him. He’s a good actor, with its own personality. The role of the doctor’s power lit up the American actress, winner of the Oscar for best actress Louise Fletcher, who at the time was also known and very popular. For some reason I always see her in the role of the bitch nurse from “one Flew over the cuckoo’s nest“. The role of the nurse, which she played smartly, pursues her whole life. Even in this sci-Fi movie, her role was with her.

Brainstorming“American fantasy Thriller with a touch of Thriller in 1983. The movie was enticing, and the story is promising, but the film turned out mediocre and one at a time. I relate to this picture neutral, but the second time would have this movie did not watch. Thank you for your attention!

6 out of 10

New review: Brainstorm 31.07.2016

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