New review: Brokeback mountain 04.10.2017

And now since the release of the film has been 12 years and I have only just got around to watch it. Perhaps, after watching Shameless (US), same-sex love me (as, indeed, many who) not be surprised. So, looking at this picture, see more than just a banal story of forbidden love.

You see this boundless world of mountains, hills, valleys and rivers. You see this almost tangible freedom that I want to know. And you see this herd of sheep, and realize how restricted in their freedom.

Very symbolic I think of the scene when the predator gutted the sheep, and that Jack finds a corpse of a poor animal that he had to save. Here, in the beginning, there is some fatal omen. Understand that any good sudden passion will not.

Almost every one of us lives in his herd, restricted, lives a normal life, just to stay alive, just not to get eaten. As does Ennis under the yoke of childhood memories of the brutal massacre of the local degenerate. He gets a family, tries to live like a normal person, locks himself in his paddock with his wife and children. And bitter inside, dreaming of mountains and meadows, where happened to him a miracle.

Only a few are willing to acknowledge their real self, not looking at stereotypes of others. But at what cost? Boldly, audaciously, and rapidly Jack bends the line, calling the beloved with you. 20 years is calling. Life. To the last. Up gray hair, when passion does not matter, and there is only a deep and bright feeling.

But the raptors won.

New review: Brokeback mountain 04.10.2017

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