New review: Brooklyn 28.07.2016

You may want to look for the advice of a friend who wanted to hear my opinion. Now! Here, we can well understand why it was chosen this year and not the present. It is much exacerbates feelings of the characters, their experiences and the behavior is completely different. Humility, honesty, love of country, the sincerity of this is what fills their heroes John Crowley (idealizing them a bit).

Honestly, I expected more, beginning just captures incredible color landscapes, beautiful interiors, and slight excitement, “what will America shy pretty Irish girl?”. But the reason for concern is absolutely not! So smooth and beautiful that and refuse to believe. And no doubt waiting for some kind of trick! And it is at this stage the film me and kept. After the half, things became very predictable. And I was waiting for the end, which involuntarily drew in my imagination. Of course, Elish makes severe life choice between family and love. And all her worries are justified.

As for the cast, I discovered, quite a promising young actor Emory Cohen (Tony), only his smile ran chills. Undeniably talented and charming.

Saoirse Ronan for me than not remarkable, it did well, but it could be other Actresses, perhaps even better.

Domhnall Gleeson is a good actor! But for me he’ll always be bill Weasley (Harry Potter).

The plot could be summarized in two words, but is it worth it? A film worthy of viewing! I believe that such love exists and because of such films, we become a little wiser…

7 out of 10

New review: Brooklyn 28.07.2016

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