New review: Bullies 30.07.2016

Strange but true: the best film about football fans was filmed by a woman. Though lexi Alexander claims that he was a supporter of the club from her hometown of Mannheim, in Germany, but in ljubno case men the fact that women’s football fanaticism skepticism. In the continuation of lexi Alexander, we can say that “Bullies” become the first independent film as a Director and has received positive and rave reviews about the work done. The basis for the creation of the hooligan firm of the team “West ham” became memories and essays Arc of Brimson — one of the most famous football hooligans in the 80-s and 90-ies, which, incidentally, was and is a fervent supporter of another English club Watford”.

The film begins with the fact that journalism student expelled from University, being set up by a roommate. Knowing the father’s character, Matt Buckner collects things and went to London, intending to stay at my sister’s. There he meets her husband and his younger brother Pete, who is the leader of the most ardent fan group of the team “West ham”. Kid leads Matt to the stadium, telling the nuances of the fan movement. After the match Matt gets in the hands of the opposing company, but to rescue him comes Pete and his associates. Enraged the husband of the sister, knowing that Matt was at fault Pete into trouble, chasing them. After that first quiet and meek, Matt becomes one of the members of a fan group and fights earns credibility. But ahead of many trials.

“Bullies” are different in that the theme of fan movement and bullying on the one hand deployed and very prominently shown, but on the other it goes hand in hand with drama. The close intertwining of two parallel plot lines are thin and clear symbiosis, so the picture has a penetrating effect, where you can feel and drama of the world in which they live football fans. Once again I must say that so verified the contents of the picture managed the woman! Apparently, lexi Alexander, when he worked on the dramatic circumstances in the plot, put yourself in the place of those who love men, and they joined the football hooligans. And the portrayal of the movement was so realistic due to the same Arc Brimson, because he knows what he is told, and thanks to another well-known fan and film consultant Cash Pennant, which is a separate picture.

As for the acting, here only the most biased viewer will be able to identify the flaws. When I first watched “Hooligans”, I was surprised that the role of Matt is played by Elijah wood, the actor with the appearance of the child. But, nevertheless, hats off to, because it perfectly showed the transformation of the character of the hero, which emphasizes in the final scene, when Matt is on the streets and singing the anthem of West ham”. Deserves special praise Charlie Hunnam, who played Pete. Even after the movie “Nicholas Nickleby” I said that this actor has a great future (though while not entirely noticeable, but we are waiting to). In “Hooligans” Charlie Hunnam nothing lost, Voodoo, and sometimes even outplayed him, so in the film, two of the main male role. Marc Warren, who played the husband of the sister of Matt, surprised. Maybe not the acting, but the revelation of the character accurately. The star of the movie “Meet Joe black Claire Forlani will have a lot of scenes, but the drama and its share enough.

Drama “Hooligans” we should look not only to those who consider themselves a football fan, but another viewer too. The picture will demonstrate what live fans, albeit for many, this issue is far, but it looks the same people, say, “the Godfather”, although to criminals is not true. The tape is very realistic set, it has a special emphasis on drama, which will not leave anyone indifferent. So if You have not watched “Hooligans” just because of his themes of football fanaticism, believe me, they still need to see!

10 out of 10

New review: Bullies 30.07.2016

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