New review: Bungled hurricane 21.06.2017

Bright and good Comedy with culinary spices. A simple story filled with empathetic drama, will be the liking of every viewer.

In the story of two chefs from two different worlds and viewpoints will clash in a culinary duel for the title of best chef. One of the rich class known chef in Europe, and the other guy from a poor area who works in a small diner. Under the circumstances, two restaurants opposite each other facing stiff competition. The heroes decide to find out the attitude on the culinary duel, and the loser will have to close your restaurant and to get off the streets.

At first glance, the two cooks look completely different, but if you look closely, you will notice a huge similarity — the boundless love of cooking, putting the soul in every dish, in every bite.

But fortunately, this is not the whole story. Throughout the film, it turns out that the most important match of our heroes will still be ahead.

Amazing and very tasty camera work and all the details and personnel of culinary delights, incredible beauty and real art.

The film is not just serves as a passing plot point, that this is the main dish of the whole picture. In addition to the visuals, the characters tell in detail the methods of cooking their meals. I admit, it’s very exciting to watch, but even more I want to try everything. Drools from each new masterpiece made by our heroes.

The structure of their painting is a light Comedy with elements of deep drama. Throughout the film the viewer is experiencing a pleasant sensation, but at the end just melted from an overabundance of feelings. The final part is just beyond emotional perception, filled with real human feelings. Very touching and beautiful.

The actors are all great! All look as one that can not but rejoice. So all I recommend to pay attention to this movie. Do not pay attention to overly sparkling a title that hints at some semblance of a stupid Comedy. This is a great story for all fans of good cinema.

8 out of 10

New review: Bungled hurricane 21.06.2017

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