New review: B/W 27.07.2016

There are the original, sharp enough and good idea. Is a cheerful and funny trailer for the movie I want to watch. Seriously, I almost went to him in a movie after a joke about Hitler. There are two, albeit somewhat formulaic, but still a good image: neo-Nazi Chadov and Caucasian criminal Ninidze. All that was required to invent: a light plot that was skillfully handle the contrast of black and white, so that the film lived up to its name and genre (crime Comedy).

You know, I’m glad I went to the movies, yielding to the doubt about the ability of Russian cinema to cope with this basic task. Thanks to this review and evaluation will be neutral, because everything that I listed in the first paragraph, there is, but it is not so little. The problem is that instead of a black-and-white Comedy turned drama grey.

I don’t understand why Russia can not physically make a film on the sensitive issue, which is simply ridiculous. If it’s a movie about the national conflict — why can’t he be mutual banter of the characters are not in a couple of sentences, but in General? What is required to add the drama and squabbles that kill all positive and the humor? Is it really necessary to put morality, moralizing and a happy ending with repentance?! Incidentally, the most amusing that repents here, only the neo-Nazi and Caucasian thief-a criminal — is a kind of cute character, you need only to demonstrate the contrast. Interesting the author’s position, seriously!

However, the problem is not only the moralistic and excessive drama. In the end, the authors don’t owe me anything and you can make a film as they see fit; but in this case, to front out have quality defects, of which any Russian movie car and… scored another pair of eyeballs freight. It can like the little things, like the fact that the hotel we first poked his face in the neckline of a girl administrator; later, in the room, the camera holds for a long time, frankly, not the most natural perspective, focusing the viewers attention on the picture with his bare chest. The Director as it wants to show Boobs, don’t quite know why they’re here, really, but he’s trying… real Breasts leaving, of course, behind the scenes. I don’t know what it is: oppression, cowardice, or the lack of budget; but looks very pitiful and pathetic.

However, in addition to the problems specific movie, this can be the total inability of contemporary Russian cinema to make a quality product (with rare exception). TZ the Soviet-Russian cinema regular quotes Sergei Makovetsky, perhaps, makes it way funnier, more interesting or expressive, but… with TZ. normal cinema — no. Rather, it starts to irritate almost from the first scene. Half an hour later this is plainly furious, but he continues and continues to talk nonsense. In General, for our Comedy turned out pretty good, was even the potential to remove objectively great ethnic banter, but instead took another dull and pointless social drama.

5 out of 10

New review: B/W 27.07.2016

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