New review: Calls 07.06.2017

To be honest, I don’t particularly remember the events that took place in “the ring” in 2002 and even more will not be able to recall the plot of the Japanese film 1998. Therefore, in this review I want to describe my impressions of the film of 2017, as the single horror film without using any comparisons with the originals.

If it would be possible to Express their impressions in one sentence, it would look as follows: “If to remove low-grade horror movie, while having an already existing plot and the possibility of using more advanced graphics, the creators took 15(19) years, then the creators can be described as mediocrities”.

In General, the film “Calls”, in my opinion, represents the work of a graduate of any cine of the University. Even though graduate that does not have the slightest talent in this field, but he firmly refuses to believe it. The same can be said about those who were prescribed dialogues, and the actors, and those who were responsible for special effects. I have a General impression that the film was created “for fun.”

Jump cut, an attempt to remove the action into motion — I guess the purpose of using these tools was sending eerie mood to the viewer. Instead, the only effect of such flickering on the screen was the ripples in the eyes and a headache from not replaceable, pictures. Sometimes it was obvious that the subsequent footage unrelated, but a few magic effects called “Slow down what is happening on the screen without using slow mo”, “Stretch breaks in dialogues”, “Increase the time of awareness of actors in which creation they had to withdraw,” and the notorious effect of “now you come!” did the trick: it’s a miracle the film was stretched already at 1.40, instead of films of this quality 1.20.

Dialogues in this film – a separate song. Their quality can be expressed in one sentence, has not received any development and said one of the heroes in the middle of the film: “you Have electricity? A room is available?”. In other words, dialogue was on the level: “are You an idiot? What dance can’t?” But the catch was that, having a certain R to the original plot, the creators have tried to reinvent the wheel. However, the bike stubbornly refused to go on, once beaten, track. And the actors, having a clear signal, as if nothing had happened, went from one unfinished thought to another — because of the plan to deviate or remake will not work.

As for the actors, it has not escaped my notice the fact that they probably are graduates of the “School of acting named Kristen Stewart.” The joke, of course, officially there is no such organization. But unofficially, apparently – Yes. Because the main character face Emilia Clarke and facial expressions, the aforementioned Stuart trying to speak non-existent her heroine, the emotions — for me all was a godsend. If psychiatrists ever try to use screenshots with the image of the heroine in various emotional moments of this film in their practice, the experiment failed completely. This test never pass, because the emotion of the heroine, regardless of the situation, there was only one: “doctor, Doctor, call the doctor.” As for the others-graduates of the above schools, they represented a symbiosis of Vanya the fool with Jason Bourne: a sort of narrow-minded guys involved in something top secret.

There was hope for special effects. In fact, as for horror films the special effects are a tool that can save a sinking plot. Well, expectations were not met. Special effects in the film are not enough, and they are made at the level of the person who decided to try their hand at After Effects. Although, of course, take graduates?

The only person whose work really wanted to praise was the operator. For taken of him natural the plans were the only thing — that was done really efficiently and had at least the slightest hint that you, as a viewer, watching a horror movie.

Otherwise this movie was a blatant hack. And when you consider that the creators tried to dance hopak on the bones of really good horror films of its time, such trash ought to square.

No more, no less.

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New review: Calls 07.06.2017

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