New review: Captain Phillips 29.06.2017

What first comes to mind at the mention of pirates? We immediately see before us the image of the medieval pirates, bandits with swords and muskets. But nowadays, in some parts of the world the piracy issue is no less acute than in the middle ages. Somali pirates in recent years have captured many ships, what attracted the attention of the world. Of course Hollywood couldn’t stay away and immediately reacted to these events.

Director Paul Greengrass has established himself well as a master of the crossing of artistic and documentary films. Removing such significant docudrama as “Bloody Sunday” about the shooting of a peaceful demonstration in the Northern Irish city of Derry on 30 January 1972, and “Lost flight” about the seizure of a fourth aircraft on 11 September 2001, when passengers fought back the terrorists and thwart their plans. Therefore, his candidacy could not be better suited to transfer the real stories on the screen.

Before us hard for the survival drama based on the true story of the capture by pirates of a container ship captain Richard Phillips and is an adaptation of his book of memories. It is an acute and extremely tense Thriller. The pressure is rising every minute and doesn’t let go of the viewer until the very end. The suspense of the highest level.

On the technical side the film is done perfectly. Cinematography Barry Ackroyd , with its dynamic and mobile photography, is commendable. He masterfully escalates the situation and accurately focuses on the emotions of the main characters. It is also one of the best works of the composer, Henry Jackman, emphasizing shared passions and making an important contribution to the atmosphere of tension of the tape.

Tom Hanks is one of my favorite actors. The role of his strongest work in recent years. With a high level of drama he plays the role of captain of a ship that has become hostage of the pirates. He’s not a hero, but a simple man caught in a terrible situation. Incredibly hard and emotionally it conveys all the experiences of his hero. Barhad Abdi in his debut role of the leader of the Somali pirates is playing is so expressive that you believe him unconditionally. His appearance and behaviour is anger, and pity. A psychological confrontation between these two characters is the main intrigue of the film.

Captain Phillips is very exciting and gripping Thriller. In the documentary accurately depicting real events. The accuracy of the picture raises certain questions. But at the same time it is an extremely interesting band that will keep in suspense until the very end. And brilliant acting makes the film an ideal candidate for viewing.

7 out of 10

New review: Captain Phillips 29.06.2017

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