New review: Cars 15.06.2017

Along with the founder of Pixar, George Lucas and its subsequent owner Steve jobs, Director and writer John Lasseter is one of the key functionaries of the Studio that gave the audience many hours of true entertainment pleasure. Taking the first steps in the field of computer animation, based on the Pixar Lasseter has created such well-known short films, like luxo Jr. lamp and “star of the circus,” proclaimed the decline of the traditional hand-drawn animation as a cash benchmark for major Hollywood players. Having made a real technological revolution, Lasseter and company at some point felt that their efforts will be enough to put the debut full-length cartoon using innovative graphic systems and after many years of preparation showed the public a “toy Story” who made an unprecedented sensation. Easy to understand, yet technologically unique film stunned audiences and critics, simultaneously confirming the reputation of John Lasseter as one of the leading lights of contemporary animation, which will be the future. Receiving all possible praise, the Director no longer worried about what his words would be challenged by bosses, as he became a value which cannot be disregarded. So do not be surprised when Lasseter effortlessly get approval for the launch of the automotive adventure of adventure called “Cars”. Giving life to the toys, showing the ants with their unusual side, and even giving human traits monsters out of the closet, the wizards of Pixar not doubt in their own abilities, believing that certainly the history of intelligent vehicles, they just will not fail.

So, the plot of the film introduces us to Lightning MacKinnon (the original voice of Owen Wilson), a rapid and uncompromising race car series NASCAR, the glory of the victories which are scattered around the world. Becoming one of the most popular stars of the elite competition, McQueen did not think of himself without the race track and the ovations of the audience, from which such concepts as friendship and love became for him absolutely indifferent. However, the endless pursuit of the highest point of the podium once played a trick on him. Going to the next stage of the Grand Prix, McQueen by chance behind his own racing team, once while in a remote provincial town of Radiator springs, mention of which has disappeared from all maps. The sight of a stranger, the locals were reluctant to accept him with open arms, as manners and conduct Maquinna left much to be desired, and yet so easy to get rid of the arrogant celebrity racing failed. Left without glory, faithful helpers and flashes of press cameras, McQueen finally realized what life away from the Grand slam. Instead, from morning till evening to think about the failures of the competitors, the hero considered the joy in the simple things, learned to listen close and make conclusions from their own mistakes. And for this he needed only a couple of weeks to get stuck in a town where honesty and open heart is worth far more than notoriety and a white smile. But sooner or later, the racing car will still have to return to the game, and then everyone will see a completely different champion, truly deserving to be on top.

Whatever story did not take off animators of Pixar, they always put a special emphasis on issues of morality and the teachings of the youngest, which is largely gaining wisdom through popular cartoons coming to the big screens. Working through the history Mackenna, John Lasseter even thought to cause a dramatic resurgence, as often expect from Pixar projects. Instead, the Director raises out of the eternal family values, the relevance of which to argue is simply impossible. Nonstop the rhythm of life makes people strive for money, recognition, satisfaction of various secondary needs, which in turn blocks access to these benefits. Building a career without regard to loved ones, we in the end have a chance to lose them and stay old age alone, as success has a rather nasty tendency to end, after which the former minion of fortune is useless. Yes, perhaps such revelations for anybody not news, but people continue to chase the blind dream, from which they periodically need to be reminded on what you should pay paramount attention. And in “Cars” like the truths in the best way possible. Especially useful they will be for children whom need the right role models.

As one would expect from John Lasseter in his arguments “Cars” do not cross the permissible limits fun and still not be a serious drama, as they primarily represent entertainment, and not mournful warning. Thus, in addition to passing a red line through the plot of morality, we have the honour to be satisfied with good humor, using well-chosen conversational jokes on automotive topics, and many game situations, using outright physical humor. The main comedian wheelbarrows acts negligent truck named Mater (Larry the cable guy). And even if its appearance causes a feeling of sadness, in fact, the hero has an excellent nature and are not averse to make friends with MacKinnon in that moment, when all around are turning away from the stars Grand slam. Largely friendly relations of Master and Macquinn determine a positive attitude of the picture, as opposites are known to attract, and if these two cars are together in one shot, so soon there will be something crazy and yet very funny. It is also worth noting that in addition to the Master and Macquinn Cars can boast of, and other equally intriguing characters, let them screen time, they paid slightly less.

One of his last roles in his career he performed in “Cars” the unforgettable Paul Newman, who gave voice battered the judge Doku Hadsome, a prominent resident of Radiator springs. Being one of the most experienced and wise of the cars of the city, the Dock hides many secrets from his past, and the more interesting to reveal them to a Zip MacKinnon. Not do in the “Cars” without the obligatory romantic lines, although it is, fortunately, not so Intrusive and revealing, as one might think. Of particular interest to our hero is charming gorgeous Sally, with a little bit obstinate and at the same time a sensitive heart, do not tolerate deception and lies. With MacKinnon Sally is definitely attributed difficult relations, however, this picture is only good, because the story has to develop and show new sides of their characters. In the “Cars” that no one hero does not stop the development of the image story is in constant motion and never ceases to surprise until the very end.

In the end I want to say that “Cars” is one of the most notable cartoons from Pixar. Of course, in history you can find a lot frankly childish naivete, tautness some plot twists, but John Lasseter and the master of his craft, as he managed to turn failures into an asset.

8 out of 10

New review: Cars 15.06.2017

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