New review: Cars 3 16.06.2017

Will start my review with a little story. In an interview a few months before the premiere of the third “Cars”, actor armie hammer who voiced them in the role of Jackson of the Storm, spoke about why he took the decision to participate in the voice acting cartoon. When he was 19 years old, he went to Spain to work. It was the first time he went abroad, and it was then that he watched the first part of “Cars”, and since the cartoon is something special. It was the spirit of nostalgia, all the fun that is connected with trips, and it reminded him of home. In the end, he watched “Cars” every night as much as four weeks while working on the film. That’s why he agreed to participate in the third part without even reading the script.

I wrote this to make you understand than for me, as for Hummer, are “Cars”. It is not surprising that among the critics of the cartoon is considered almost the worst Pixar creation — after all, they are not particularly different understanding of the soul of the picture. And in “Cars” the soul is the most important thing, along with truly interesting and living characters. For me they are not just a children’s cartoon, and classic animation, which tells about how important it is to find yourself in this life, sometimes even where you did not expect. About how important it is to find a place that you’ll be ready to call home. About simple human values like friendship and love from the machine world. For me, it was not a cartoon about sports, it was a cartoon about friendship, love, home, and search for himself. Animated version of “Majestic” Frank Darabont, if you want. The plot, story and characters that was there mostly, and not action.

Therefore, it is easy to imagine how monstrous disappointment turned to me the second part. Unfortunately, “Cars” was not lucky to become the new “toy Story”, which the whole trilogy is a masterpiece. Not for nothing it is the sequel to “Cars” dropped the title of one of the worst or even the worst, the animation Studio Pixar, and certainly the most heartless. Instead of continuing the story of the first cartoon the audience gave a vague spy Thriller. Even multserialu spin-off “Tales of the Master” was better than this.

After this I was literally with bated breath awaited triquel, preparing for the worst and hoping for the best. And now, when I looked it up, I can say…

The cartoon came out good, and likely to appeal to those who liked the first part and not the second. Pixar took into account their mistakes, and made what should be “Cars” — a story about something, not just about motor racing. “Cars 3” is a story of how rookies become veterans and are forced to accept the reality that time does not stand still and waits for no one, and the parable of the mentoring. With a certain hand was wise to take up this topic, although many cliche sports dramas have failed to avoid.

After one of the races Lightning McQueen race car overtakes a new class named Jackson the Storm, our hero realizes that slowly turns into a “trough” and is looking for help in living the way of his mentor, Doc Hudson, over which he once ridiculed. Related to this is one of the problems of the cartoon — well, I don’t see Lightning as a veteran of racing in the truest sense of the word. It would be, if it were a fourth or fifth part, to which we have already enjoyed plenty of accomplishments with Zippers. But they simply had too few of those that we have shown. So, in this part of the cartoon is that the darkest moment, shown in the teaser, after which many began to hope that trikvel “Cars” will be “dark and realistic”, but I knew that wasn’t gonna happen and it’s just a marketing ploy. Although a cartoon, this scene looks quite organically.

For cartoon I couldn’t stop thinking about that all the same for the antagonist of the Storm. It’s either brilliant fiction writers, or one of the stupidest villains. The fact is that he has no absolutely no motivation besides the fact that he of a higher class than McQueen, and therefore he needs to win all the races and beat records. How corny it seemed to me that the writers just put in the opponents car of a higher class, which, of course, will win McQueen that he did. Just like in video games where you have to fight with the superior you force opponents to pass the level. But over time I realized that it fits the cartoon perfectly, and that in reality it can really be. “Beginners will tell you when to leave the Champions.”

Now, once the Zipper breaks in a desperate attempt to outrun the Storm, he begins training in a special “fitness center” for cars, where he meets a sassy coach named Cruz Ramirez, which subsequently examines the potential of a racing car. I will not write much about it, so that nothing popularity, but it is a really strong female character. With her and McQueen in this part involves the most funny and touching moments. The rest are mostly worth recording on account of Doc Hudson.

I sincerely hope that the third part will be more of Mater and Sally, especially Sally, I just like this character. But, alas… at First I was annoyed by this, but then I realized that some of the creators and right — whether they are more likely would make a copy of the first part, which we certainly don’t.

Here, perhaps, and all I want to write about the plot. The rest is in the movie.

I would like to mention the technical side of the movie, unquestionably gorgeous. The soundtrack, reminiscent of Star wars, with hints of unexpected tools, coupled with truly beautiful scenery and locations, especially the stadium in Thomasville, the impression and that picture and the music cartoon owes its quality.

As a result you will say: how good is the third part of the “Cars” it depends on what angle you look at her. If you, like me, very imbued with the spirit of the first, the original cartoon, then you might as well enjoy yourself, but a strong impression is not produced. Well, not reached. Especially in terms of the ending. Why not let McQueen go to “retire” and live happily in Radiator springs, for that matter? Why was it necessary to spoil the impression?

On the other hand, if you go to the cartoon with the baby, or don’t have such strong feelings for the original, or just want to watch the cartoon from the Studio Pixar — boldly go! Because the race continues until a flash of Lightning.

8 out of 10

New review: Cars 3 16.06.2017

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