New review: Cars 3 18.06.2017


I believed. I was hoping that the tandem of Disney Pixar brave enough to make trikvel Cars more grim and serious. How wrong I was. Yes, I was deceived by the trailer, alas. However, in General, the cartoon seemed nice enough, if not for this deception.

About the plot:

Lightning McQueen continues to participate in competitions and win them from time to time. Comes a new generation of machines, with whom the Lightning will not do it.

About the cartoon:

In fact, if not to take into account the fact that I was tricked nicely done trailer, cartoon I liked. Tell in detail about the pros and the cons.

First, very cool camera work. Camera makes such angles that you involuntarily think about the fact, not if you’re watching at the moment, some Formula 1? That is, the emphasis is on perspectives in professional racing and it’s very good!

Secondly, the graphics and the quality of detail increased significantly. Then you and the amazing qualities of water and mud and glitter lacquered steel. Eyes happy from this level pictures!

Thirdly, the plot of the film. Lightning is not as fast as before, it is outdated and he thinks about the fact, what else is he supposed to do, after you lose ? Accordingly, there is a focus on the moral feelings of the hero himself, his problems and inner struggle. It will not be interesting to children, but I was quite curious to see how McQueen pulled out of this situation.

Also, I like the new main character is Cruz Ramirez. She thinks she knows everything and can teach others, but this is very misleading. It was interesting to watch their relationship with McQueen.

Now for the cons.

This sagging of the cartoon. For the most part, this is a very long sermons or long reflections on the problems of the characters, some were very much prolonged.

So my expectations about the gloom did not materialize, it is still a children’s cartoon, with occasionally vkrapleniyami philosophical arguments.

Well, I have the whole cartoon was wondering when McQueen upgrade themselves and will finally overtake its main rival, the new generation of Jackson Storm. Alas, this did not happen.

I watched 3 Cars with my little sister, she liked the cartoon so that children can safely take with you to the viewing.

Apart from those cons that I mentioned above, the triquel was decent. Well, it’s cons for me personally, for others they will be insignificant.

8 out of 10

New review: Cars 3 18.06.2017

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