New review: Cars 3 18.06.2017

Back to basics. Now it is a great adventure travel. The movie has become wiser and clearer in the first place, will adults than to children, but about all under the order.

Back in 2006, the year the first part of the trilogy now, Cars won the hearts of the public, immediately got the fans, earned good money at the box office, octopuses several times, and the second part was only a matter of time. Five years later, the world saw the sequel, which incidentally, earned less than its predecessor and there were reasons. The scene is moved instead of the sun, and dusty California, and the film showed mostly a concrete jungle, Tokyo, Paris, London. “Cars 2” could boast of a dynamic action game, but completely lost the spirit of competition, adventure, nanowaste and warmth that was present in the first part. Pixar realised the mistake and with the third part returned all of which refused the second.

After the accident Makvin long time gathers his thoughts before I start preparing for the next tournament. Finally he took himself in the wheel, not without the help of Sali, is sent to the training facility, from where begins his great journey on the way to victory. At first it may seem that the plot is similar to a typical Boxing movie: the main character — an aging champion trying to find the strength to win. But like a snowball Cars 3 grows with each new frame an important part of the story, which is beneficial to the entire plot as a whole. It becomes clear that this is not a simple story, but deep and philosophical parable, calling to see the world and others is broader than was common.

Problems cartoon starts at this stage, when it becomes obvious that the die is 6+, indicating the age rating, not enough paragraphs 6 and 10 in all. Kids in the hall slept, while Makvin and Cruz have evolved as characters and woke up only when there was action. Yes, it is not enough, but a lot more emotional experiences Makvina and only thoughtful children will understand. The same applies to humor. The joke in the third part, not willingly, but not because I can’t, because I don’t want that again casts doubt on the correctness of the selected age rating.

On the other hand, action and humor here as much as you want the child not to get bored. A worthy continuation of the franchise, this is a great ending and animation worthy of respect for Pixar.

New review: Cars 3 18.06.2017

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