New review: Cars 3 19.06.2017

It is not the first tape with the direct participation of disney, which gives me a strong rejection. Losing my touch.

3 cars went on the beaten track of all cartoons. A simple story, the existence of a conflict that the protagonist must overcome and completion. And this is not a drawback, because to invent a different concept rather difficult (the same “Zeropolis” there is suitable, but it is very highly valued by me.

Jarred me a little bit more. The term “shotgun of a novel” used by one blogger and was applied in the case when the Director introduced some fact, which then did not play and did not play any role. Here and there the same. We are told that McQueen is able to outrun the Storm and needs to be smarter, and that’s it. No mention, he said and forgotten. McQueen, who grew up as a person first two films (and we’ve seen this growth) is suddenly all the same a braggart and egoist, which was at the beginning of the first film, the teacher suddenly experiencing internal conflict, which is absolutely not apparent from the moment you enter, and Vice versa, contrary to its original image, and all this in order to bring it to the end, which did not fit into the purpose to which it was a film.

Promise promise, but to show the audience what the main conflict of the film is based on the fact that McQueen is already old and he can’t outrun a new school, to conduct the finale to this, and then take that and replace it with the same new car, it’s nonsense. You can come up with better, without stretching the timing of the unnecessary facts.

No more than 4 points and I am very sorry that I went on this tape. Bring money for ticket.

New review: Cars 3 19.06.2017

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