New review: Cars 3 20.06.2017

“Sticker, primer, neutral friends.” The long-awaited sequel about the next adventures of McQueen and Mater (from cars the animated town of “Radiator springs” — well, that those who do not know or do not remember) — in General, the game was not for those who’ve aged 10 years since the premiere of the cartoon, for those true fans of the franchise, and it probably came out to a new generation of kids and I can even say 50% (just a fan of the Master will have to roll the lip) with new characters, what is so cinematic equivoque of the writers and producers even in the cartoon where the main theme is the change of generations…

Yes, in fact, no one is eternal and is not replaceable — that’s our bright colorful car racing NASCAR — Lightning McQueen, learned what the new generation of high-tech cars directly into the final race of the season “Piston Cup”, losing her pretentious and arrogant, it is precisely such “generacin nekst” him by the name of Jackson Storm. So to speak, to show its remaining powder dry and try again to fulfill his favorite saying: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, Mr. ccau, is sent into modern training center “Rzhaveyka”, where it substituted an experienced spin instructor , Cruz Ramirez, who is trying to teach McQueen a racing simulator and the latest the basics of training, but Lightning is conservative and shows the basics on this sand and dirt road why zasavica awakens the interest in racing among young trenerry bright yellow color.

In the beginning, the first third of the animoticons you think you’re watching some sort of wild blueprint on the previous part, and calmly think out, what will turn this confrontation obsolete/new… after long and careful preparations, in the final race, McQueen still going to give young upstarts a jump start, but there it was… And that this rotating solution, the third part surprised, turning from a boring toshima in an incredibly smart, thoughtful story, do not stray from the overall narrative story, logical and temporal sequence of events in this universe wheelbarrows. In General, the character Steve McQueen’s reveals more and more with the best hand, showing that he is a true Sensei of the racing world.

Of course, with the advent of new characters, screen time old cut, as evidenced by sagging of humor because of the little to no rusty tractor of the Master and his ridiculous, but good jokes, as well as once-beloved, but this series is just a lawyer , “I-Speed” — Sally Carrera, which also cut the presence in the frame.

Verdicchio animated film “Cars 3”, first of all I want to mention a very emotional ending, in that, in principle, predictable cartoon, where the “lights” toothy-silly Mater, and dancing curious-naive Cruz.

Something like that!

New review: Cars 3 20.06.2017

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