New review: Cars 3 22.06.2017

I just watched with my sister “Cars 3” and I suddenly loved it. Seems to be an ordinary cartoon, but not as disastrous as the second part with ridiculous spies, and in the spirit of the first — with a beautiful story about something that is not ambition and show-off you are doing great, and friend and true friends.

What would Pixar have not talked about the schedule and followed the story, paying attention to her in the least.

Now we have McQueen a young driver, he’s an experienced AC. Time goes on, progress does not stand still, and as it happens in show business (and the race is also still those businesses and shows), opponents do not stand still, and the reporters are relentless.

It is very good that in the trailers they didn’t show a tenth of the story, only the plot. It’s interesting to see.

Here we meet the old favorite characters, and find great new friends.

Even though the story is fairly simple, but it is a cartoon coloring cars gives it a kind of sweetly and smooths out the “harsh reality” of the local situation.

Stunning new tandem of McQueen and Cruz. Fun to watch them: how they learn from each other, as quarrel and rejoice in others ‘ successes.

Very naklerovsky the end. Exactly what I expected. Many people forget that the first film has taught us to understand that it is not the power and speed solves everything, and your spirit and your heart. McQueen’s ability to not give up gave exactly the outcome that made the ending exciting, and important and instructive. But this is lacking in today’s cartoon in the cinema.

Of the minuses can only sigh about “the hills” plot: the McQueen is struggling, that lowers the wheels. And so the whole film. Too much depression and reflection for young viewers, which is still not clear and not interesting.

But best of all, after all that, I feel that “Cars 3” are made present it to fans of the first film, which “grew” together with the franchise and I loved it. The issue raises serious — is it possible to overcome this limit, but the beat is very sensual. A sort of spirit the old spirit of films about “mentors and Champions, the interaction of generations, regular elections, and noble deeds.

9 out of 10

New review: Cars 3 22.06.2017

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