New review: Cars 3 23.06.2017

Another franchise from Disney, which will be interesting to see for both children and adults. Vzhuh-vzhuh, aredondo, just for kids. What are your impressions of new Cars? I will share below.

I will not spoil the plot, except the main idea, which is based on the cartoon. You are a champion today, but tomorrow there will be someone stronger. And what are you gonna do?

Initially, the trailer hinted at dramatico Cars-3, but the impression in the teaser was quite different. The lightning fell in a terrible accident, and it seemed because of this, the inability to speak and to do what you love, will unfold the event horizon. But in fact — it will be different. It is about generational change. What will you do, is a great player, who once he comes out of nowhere and gave everyone a light? What to do when you’re constantly in the lead, but there is a new generation that is stronger and more powerful than you? Cars 3 will answer this question with the consideration of various options. The idea of the movie enough even for a good movie. But still.

And what of dynamics? At the beginning of the Car-3 is very interesting, but around the middle of the film roll in a painfully long dreary lyrics. Which is replete with too long dialogue, whining or morality. That is, perhaps, a quarter or a third of the duration of the cartoon. At this time, is really boring. And the kids (nothing happens on the screen), and adults (too trivial these morals). And in the end — again trend, but the ending will be from the category heading “chooo?!” Honestly don’t know the rules of the ring American racing, but I something tells that the way it will go in the final cartoon in life finally can not be done. Nevertheless, the solution to the dramatic problem of the hero is revealed with interesting and perhaps right.

Total. These cars are in spirit closer to the first part than to the second detective. Here rises an interesting question, and it is given in the course of the film response. Cartoon entertaining and interesting, but with a wild drawdown dynamics in the middle. At least once to look is in any case not harmful. So go to the cinema if you have not already done so.

7 out of 10

New review: Cars 3 23.06.2017

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