New review: Cars 3 25.06.2017

The legendary Lightning McQueen returns. Hundreds of races behind, countless victories, and it seems like luck never turn away from the rider, but the unexpected thing, at least for the hero. It interferes with a young, promising, and most importantly, very fast Storm. To keep up with him is almost impossible, he’s just elusive, he is crafty and dangerous.

The young generation it’s always more promising than age. If Lightning wants to continue to win, then it needs to be different, it needs to become smarter. No matter how reliable you are, no matter how much your account of the pluses, if you are not going to change now, it means that in the future will lose everything, than lived earlier.

Doc Hutson McQueen’s got set up good, but now it should take the place of other, more interesting candidate. Cruz Ramirez, Belle, an instructor in the fitness room, but this hardy and energetic personality. The friendship of two seemingly different machines in the end turns out to be very pleasant consequences.

It’s time to show the world that not only high levels, is the key to success is the right attitude, that is able to grant the long-awaited title.

9 out of 10

New review: Cars 3 25.06.2017

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