New review: Casablanca 15.06.2017

I won’t waste time and I have to say that this picture has caused me bewilderment and disgust. I’ve heard many good reviews about it and decided to watch, hoping that this legendary love story will touch me to the quick. However, my expectations were not met.

No matter how good Ingrid Bergman, her character inspires no sympathy. So selfish and cowardly character you need to look for more. About any dedication or loyalty to your loved one and can be no question. Let me remind you, World war II began in 1939 year. The story takes place in 1941. During this time, “smart ILSA” time to cry for his beloved husband to find solace in the arms of Rick, to know that her husband was still alive, and come back to it like nothing had happened. And then to demand from both the saving of his life, forgetting that everything in this situation are at risk.

Whom she loved? (Ingrid Bergman herself before the end of filming didn’t know the answer to this question) Is that only yourself.

If she loved my husband, I would believe that he is alive. Well, or hard to tolerate such a loss.

If you loved Rick, not requiring anything from him.

Rick, of course, a matter of respect. However, nothing in this touching love story I can find. The nobility of the male characters does not outweigh the dirty tricks Ilse. Alas.

New review: Casablanca 15.06.2017

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