New review: Casablanca 29.09.2017

“Casablanca” from the beginning, immersed in, perhaps, ingrained in the brain by the “Night in Lisbon” Remark the atmosphere — only Lisbon loomed at the end. And so really, a Marina, ark. And here all — and the eternal conflict of France with Germany, and not magnificent Donut, and the Arabic flavor is barely noticeable — the thoughts of all creatures, from accidents to catching the moment, focused on the Ararat-America (especially as almost all participants of shootings experienced a “run” for yourself). And their bodies are focused on the fragment of that of Ararat, in a cafe where freedom hangs in the air like the smoke of cigarettes, where Sam black at the piano represents not political correctness, but the entire African-American romance. It is strange how many books associations suddenly causes the movie: here hemingwayesque hero, not so much cynical, as with the stiff skin; then the song, revealing the door to the memories of Paris, who was not only the characters, but at the same Hemingway, Fitzgerald, whose Daisy seem to Shine under the clear and gentle traits of these investigations Ilse. And yet — often think of “gone with the wind”, perhaps because the film seemed to have sprung from where Rhett still holds the coveted and elusive Scarlett, but thoughts are already there, where feelings matter, and should not be.

It seems that Humphrey Bogart got the role instead of a young Ronald Reagan is no accident; the face of a Bogart — not only the face of the hero, to the forty-second year of this man’s face aging. It’s not even that he is not passionate young man, and that left type, with this breed, these wrinkles at the corners of her intelligent eyes, this being visible only close to the bottom of the bottle with the strong. Left the man who ruled the world, decide for themselves, woman, friend and rival. A descendant of the cynic, the bootlegger and impeccable aristocrat’s Butler, he seems to have been the last of the Mohicans. The film, which goes from melodrama to a buddy movie, a film Noir from the formal to the perfect antinoro, not a single woman showed a good that does not mean — no one showed this. ILSA, too, seems to last a real woman how disgusting it was weak, so weak and delicious. The woman will not cast a stone, because, unlike its curved mirror, the young Bulgarians, at least she sold at high prices, terribly high prices.

And it’s not that the film suddenly exactly and clearly showed why others not only for moral reasons, but also for the reason of the physical impossibility of happiness can not touch. All scissors game Bogart and Henreid felt one thing: real suffering, before which pale the petty drama, and throwing elections. In the face of this suffering cannot be false; and, paradoxically, in order to stay in tune, you have to lie. Yes, in the end Rick tells ILSA that to Casablanca, they had no of Paris; but Paris was of them to Casablanca, Casablanca and after you have not lost, no, but changed. For to Casablanca traitor was his, was desired and was song. France in the face of cocottes, “gone” with a German officer, sang with tears in the eyes of the Marseillaise; the woman also in the end came up high. But to make it up, it had to plant, even to throw. It is not known who of the characters will survive this war, but neither France nor the woman for the American former will not. Paris is Paris, but from the city of Hemingway and Fitzgerald will remain only memories. Will end, in fact, the period of America’s relationship to Europe as a sentimental relationship to the woman, starts a business friendship. While former — the former will only have to raise your memory to inaccessible heights. Eternal paradox for strong women and strong men: sometimes a song, most beautiful song in the world, life do not feats, and people, and those who did not too worthy songs. But most probably, the main lesson of this film, it seems, is that private history and the history of the country, in fact, makes the choice and sometimes this choice needs to get done on time.

New review: Casablanca 29.09.2017

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