New review: Catch me if you can 13.09.2017

The film “Catch me if you can” has long been included in my personal “Top” from the moment when you first saw it on TV. For several years I had no idea that the film directed Steven Spielberg. Before, because of my ignorance and to my shame, I never really honored Spielberg, but always associated it only with the “Jurassic Park”. As quality Director, I discovered it in 2007, when he released the acclaimed film “transformers”.

This film refers to those films that like to review with someone who have not watched it yet and every time completely confident that he sink into the soul of even the most sullen skeptic, because every person will find this film all that he loves.

If we talk about the pros, this list will be very long, like a film can and should delight in it all: subtle and intelligent humor, a dynamic plot, the elegance and consistency of the items! Do not understand how Spielberg did it all, so to build and not to lose a single important detail. Personally, I bugs not noticed.

Leonardo DiCaprio, as always in his style, he’s doing incredible things with his game and constantly reveals himself in a new light for the viewer. And Tom Hanks surprises, as always, that once again starred in the cult film, because that is not the painting as a masterpiece…

And of course, a considerable weight is the fact that it all filmed on real events.

9 out of 10

New review: Catch me if you can 13.09.2017

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