New review: Cat’s eye 05.10.2017

The cat was a pity!
Suffered poor…

Cat’s eye

After the success of “Kaleidoscope of horrors” came another anthology by Stephen king. I have a feeling that king has always been very popular. Directors snapped up his books. At the helm stood the American Lewis Teague (Navy seals, the Jewel of the Nile, etc.). Hand on heart — not with a good Director in the cinema.

Why shoot what TIG? There is speculation that his film adaptation of “cujo” has paid off. Although the book was a million times stronger than the film. Could not put it down, the ending was generally satisfying. But the film deserves no more than six. But for Cat-eye picked up the little stories of the king, so my review is still positive.

A particularly strong magnitude is not expected as from “cujo”. Three stories. I knew only two of them — the “quit Smoking” and “curtain”. When there was no Internet, I imagine all the head broke with the third novel — “the General”. Why this piece passed me by? Sat and resented.

And when the Internet appeared, we learned — there is no “General” the king wasn’t. It specifically took for this anthology. Here goldfinches, deceived Z. in short, the “General” will be the weakest sketch of the three. It is not what it seems. Yeah, the tale from the king. The cat decided to help drew’s young (like a young drew where all of it gone, the horror…) to fight with some dwarf. Comments need?

Much love cats (adore, at home I have Persian-stinky-red-haired, this breed), you will like “the General”. I most like (naturally) the second story about the guy who needs to go on the roof to survive. By the way, look at the man carefully. Do not you know? Yeah, he played a major role in the movie “Airplane”. Cool Thriller, an unexpected ending — the pigeon on the ledge, my obeisance.

And remains we have the first story — “quit Smoking”. A young James woods, guys. How can there be talk, a wonderful black Comedy. With a double bottom, so to speak, ha ha. Sting’s music all around smoke, I love it. What? Not sting, a group of “Police”? Well, boring!

“Cat’s eye” — a nice anthology with no frills. Watched it three times already in my life. Check it out at least once, if I like it. The 80s are the 80s. Sometimes I feel very sad that this film left deep in the past. I already told you about it.


And then playing “gasman” from the movie — “Dumb and dumber”. A joke for those in the subject…

7 out of 10

New review: Cat’s eye 05.10.2017

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