New review: Celeste 07.06.2017

Classic series 90-ies, which I would recommend to view/review the then girls the modern women to have a little nostalgia. A typical soap is a soap which is not devoid of its charms.

First, Andrea Del Boca here is still very young and cute. Despite the fact that dressed her in some stupid school uniform and most of the tele-novellas on her head a bird’s nest, she is still so pretty, a quality that in later works disappeared somewhere. But as for the acting, in my opinion, the role forever crying poor, simple, boring and does not require special skills. His play pleased the actors who played the role of the second plan, it is certainly and Rita performed it’s Saccone with her madness, and the actor who played the role of Bruno, a doctor with AIDS.

As for the script and directing, everything is not smooth at all. A lot of inconsistencies. Unclear motivation Teresa, to steal the son of a maid, especially since she didn’t know that was her real grandson, and this despite the fact that the film is not once mentioned that the former maid became pregnant by Enso, then why isn’t she promoted the birth of that child, because he sure as hell would be her grandson, and she was able to as uncle Eduardo is still too early? I do not understand the motive of the suicide Pillars, despite the fact that she left a sick son. As for her son Philip, moreover, it is unclear whether he is healthy or not? In General, a lot of questions that you need answers on-the-go viewing, but don’t wait for. Well, now even the Oscar-winning picture guilty of the inconsistency and irrationality of the subjects, so don’t be too hard on the Argentinean soap.

“Celeste” is primarily a love story, beautiful and clean, and here Andrea and Gustavo has done its job. Love them really turned out very dramatic, with all the difficulties their characters have created for themselves. Despite being affected in the film “inconvenient” topics of AIDS and homosexuality, turned out in General, very cultural, as in the paramount eternal values — kindness, love, generosity, compassion.

6 out of 10

New review: Celeste 07.06.2017

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