New review: chasing Mavericks 29.07.2016

Have covered with a thin layer of Golden sand of the coast of California lives 15-year-old curly-haired boy, his appearance resembling a youthful version of Alex Pettifer, the name of Jay Moriarty. Its from the young age attracts the “sport of kings” surfing, attract millions of tones rich waters of the Pacific Ocean under the clear blue skies tunic. His lure 25-foot wave called “Mavericks”, which he intends to conquer at all costs and in this difficult and dangerous business he experienced frosty Hesson.

Joint directorial project of two prominent figures of world cinema, English film Director, producer and screenwriter Michael Apted, on account of which features such notable films as “coal miner’s Daughter”, “Gorillas in the mist” and “Nell” and the Oscar-winning Curtis Hanson, author of “Secrets of Los Angeles”, “Wild river” and “the Eighth mile”, the film “chasing Mavericks” in 2012, is essentially one of the few true cinematic successes in the context of films on the theme of surfing, high quality specimens which can hardly be counted on the fingers of one hand. The film in many key parameters stylistically and thematically close to “soul Surfer” and “Blue abyss” than to deliberately of the youth and the lightweight of the novels “Blue wave”. Despite the fact that the film had two quite similar between the Director, “chasing Mavericks” leave a sense of continuity and wholeness, the art of balance and balance. Film inherent poesy and romanticizing not only the world of surfers, but all ocean Malinetskii element, the element free and inviolable, who, in the film of destruction and creation simultaneously. In this element you can abyss, drown, disappear into the silent depths, but it can be conquer. Or at least try, in order to prove to the world and yourself that life is lived not in vain, and not burnt on the bonfire of the vanities.

It is noteworthy that “chasing Mavericks”, based on the eponymous story by Brandon Hooper, are a biographical film, because Jay Moriarty is a legendary person in the world surfers. Savvy in the creation of the biopic, Apted and Henson, of course, deprived the film chernushny husk of realism, making the story of Jay and himself as a person in an even greater myth, but hardly seems artistic escapism, because life itself Jay has dictated the terms of painting. Died at the age of 22 years, Jay though embodied the popular phrase “die young” is unprincipled “die hard”. And because the final chord of the pattern-full of minor and universal positive, because Jay lived a rich, given to him for 22 years, becoming a myth, a legend, a cult.

Jonny Weston plays Jay quite traditional, largely conservative, but a clear archetypal and stilt stereotypicalness in vilaplana his character there. The hero throughout the picture intrinsic growth and Weston convincingly shows this. Gerard Butler actually as frosty is akin to a father to Jay, which he had not. In the artistic palette of the film is extremely critical relationship between Jay and frosty. The secondary characters remain the same; they are merely the background for the two Central characters.

For all its deliberate karamelnoe, visual sweetness and emasculation, the actual fairy tales, “chasing Mavericks” bribe solid directing, unobtrusive morality and lightness of the narrative. Not as a biopic as it is imbued with poetics of a film about the water element, which is given to conquer a young, bold and daring.

New review: chasing Mavericks 29.07.2016

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