New review: Check on the roads 03.10.2017

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With this film, I met now for the first time. Moreover, up to this point, I didn’t even know about its existence. Of course this is not the most famous and popular film about the war, so I was quite surprised when I found it in the list of the best.

Not to say that I greatly enjoyed, but still something I was hooked. The story seems to be not claims the title of most original, but it is something that does not break away from the screen. Despite the large (if not huge) number of films about the war, particularly the Soviet, then I do not see any pattern of such films. So in this respect plus.

The plot is unpredictable. The attention of the viewer is constantly trying to switch it on minor characters, all in the third plan. However, the main characters are always somewhere nearby, and included in the activity when required by the plot. Because of this, it is quite difficult to predict what will happen next, and indeed what the outcome of the film. Very competent course. Especially if you remember that this is the debut of the Director.

Well, probably it is necessary to say about the actors and their images. Best of all coped with the role of Rolan Bykov, for obvious reasons. Almost one the game the whole film. Played very believable and gave it the level that was required. Also of note is Vladimir Sumanskogo. It is around his character, basically, and the whole plot revolves. However, it turned out like that without sparks, if not a little lazy. While it is possible this was required by the role.

Overall, not bad. But the film is much below the more well-known works about the war. So only 5.

5 out of 10

New review: Check on the roads 03.10.2017

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