New review: Chef Adam Jones 04.10.2017

Sometimes I ask myself why can’t I be a normal person and be satisfied with that. Obsession to reach the highest slowly crazy. Such people or to get their way or go away.

I could say the same about the main character. The talent is always cynical, hard and tough. But these qualities help me along.

Does talent Adam a happy life? — No. It needs to adapt and appease the ardor to find happiness. Let’s just say Bradley Cooper is superbly conveys the emotion and feeling of hopelessness. The restaurant business is not easy. It is a hierarchy, a different world in which wins is always the strongest (in this case delicious).

Having worked in restaurants for two years, I can say as everything is shown and described in the film — the truth. The atmosphere, the cursing, the rivalry. Dishes are sent back to the kitchen, disgruntled guests want to see the chief threats of filings in the court and complaints to higher authorities. This is pure truth.

Bradley Cooper I saw in some minor role either “Always say Yes!” or something early. I did not think that he will be revealed to Oscar-winning professional but it happened. The rest of the cast is also not inferior, well, except for Sienna Miller. I’m sorry… She’s trying, very! And I see every film’s progress and wish her well.

As inveterate kinolab (and former alcoholic) I give the movie 9!Worth a look and viewing, makes you wonder… still got plus without difficulty not catch fish from the pond equals success!

Thank you.


9 out of 10

New review: Chef Adam Jones 04.10.2017

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