New review: Chic 27.06.2017

Each of the characters “Chic” has its own story, its sad and depressing. The harsh realities of life included in the lives of the characters right after school — and they have a recipe that should solve all the problems — it’s a gorgeous suit. They were able to get it, and it seemed the whole world at their feet, but alas, the illusions were in vain.

In fact, this parable is about the generation of the 90s, which attracts and rich coast of their sticks, when it seems that it is only necessary to have time to catch the bird of happiness by the tail and all problems will be resolved and ways to assert themselves do not meet experience and knowledge. But I widely enough, the content just living the dream without thinking about the future. The only one who somehow tries to arrange the future is Dumb, Huck is trying to establish itself in the eyes of the stepmother, and the Pin is going through a hard resentment against the father, and chic suit should help them. And after all, what has helped to understand that boyish can be blinded and not see the woman nearby, a good attitude and a great soul, if the child does not need dad he’s not going to live with it, and someone will be able to find first love. And understand most important but not the suit makes the man, and the internal state of the person when he remains a man under any circumstances.

Artur Smolyaninov, Alexander Yatsenko and Ivan Kokorin has played a great three friends of the senior stars not in competition with the Ingeborga Dapkunaite and Andrey Panin, the characters Mature, and such different inner world.

For me, the film made a huge impression, I literally fell in love with the actors who played the heroes of the film, survived them travel by boat across the Bay, walked through the ruins of the narrow trails, was able their eyes to look at me, and the moment you get into problems. Can very personally and emotionally written, and who will say that the film is not so good, but try to convey the feeling of viewing. Despite the tragic events the film left a very bright and good aftertaste.

10 out of 10

New review: Chic 27.06.2017

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