New review: Child of a monster 10.06.2017

Of course, a very good and beautiful film. Good idea and story. The entire first half of the film, my face went smile. The characters really live them nice to watch, they can sympathize.

The animation is stylish, bright, smooth. Fighting is dynamic and entertaining, and the background often plays good music, giving the picture even more dreamlike atmosphere.

But the film is not without drawbacks. A big minus of the film is the ending. As soon as the final events, there are some strangely illogical behavior of the characters and a lot of pathos. And in General from all that is happening, slightly smacked of delirium. These last 30 minutes I felt like I’m watching another series “Naruto” — all it got just to the point of absurdity. And that lamp, fantastic atmosphere of the first half of the film, the second almost evaporated. All this pretty much spoils the impression about the film.

But despite the drawbacks, the “Child monster” — very good movie definitely worth a watch with family. After it I was left with mainly only good experiences.

8 out of 10

New review: Child of a monster 10.06.2017

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