New review: children of the corn 2: the final sacrifice 11.10.2017

What kind of nonsense they are about corn?

(approximately the 4th minute of the film)

Children of the corn 2: the final sacrifice

I am in total disbelief, but this film (at the moment) more positive and neutral reviews than negative ones. Or we watched completely different movies, or I really don’t know good horror movies.

Before us is a 1992 film from Director David price. Do you know this? He took dumb Comedy “Dr. Jekyll and Miss Hyde”. More of it is nothing to write home about. Price decided to continue the painting “children of the corn”, from 1984. Yes, the original was shot by Stephen king.

Subtract the numbers, we get a difference of 8 years. My first thought was, why continue the film, which was shot so long ago? I don’t know the king had no sequels, his work (a tiny story) is not needed in the second film. Hand on heart — the original was sluggish (I told you about).

Gave up, sent to hell, called the Adler and Katz (guys, I love you for “Tales from the crypt”, but nothing you’ve signed up for it). Those dashed off a crazy game. What you want me to do — the scenario we have here is beyond insanity.

Just watch carefully for logic! Children (survivors) from the first film was taken from a corn field. They moved to another town, placed in different shelters and homes. But after a few minutes they again began to walk together. Where you were taken? My God, the explosion of the brain. That’s not all, but close to where they live — there is a giant corn field. Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah-Ah!

Local residents still so surprised — we’ve got the murders started, as in that town. What are you doing? What are you doing, I ask you, the Adler is not just a poor script, it is a stupidity to perfection. Of course, the film is one crazy lady that would yell that the children of the killed, but all do not care.

And you still praise it? Yes, there is a six supply — recognize the movie masterpieces. I’m not arguing, the rest of the sequels can be worse, but this picture is worthless. I was bored, all the half hour spun on the chair and waited for the final. Such a sad treshak still need to look.

Like only girl (cute baby) on a moped. And the moment with the old lady on a wheelchair. All the rest — put in the corn field and burn. Very bad sequel! Go around the side or you can activate it whenever you want a good night’s sleep.


Did you notice in the film, moments that were shown in first person (supposedly eyes corn demon)? Yeah, it’s a Predator, ha ha. He has a similar vision…

3 out of 10

New review: children of the corn 2: the final sacrifice 11.10.2017

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