New review: children of the corn 29.09.2017

Yesterday I bought corn (honey, 40 rubles for the cob), cooked, delicious.
Today I decided to revisit one old film.
A coincidence, just a coincidence…

Children of the corn

Before us the first part of a very bad franchise by Stephen king. Over time (if you have the strength, but they need a lot of this corn heresy) will try to tell you already in detail about every part, and now specifically the original 1984.

Not the worst part in the franchise (on the contrary, it is the best). Here only the positive moments still with gulkin nose. The problem in the king. You have read this story? I read about 15 years ago. I could be wrong (been a long time, the mess in my head), but it’s very little work.

It is interesting, I admit. Start to dream and imagine those corn children — cool, but on the big screen the whole thing looks very ridiculous. Even children have picked up some dumb. View Isaac (or Isaac). He’s a grown man, I was funny and not scary. Although the kid is trying to play one of the few.

It is possible to allocate Malachi (or Malheu), but it’s just a ginger and a dash of bully (Hello Fyodor Stukov). Blood is present, but the atmosphere at a low level. They sit in the corn and sit. In the end the Director tried something namutit, the God of corn, all things zero sense.

Hand on heart — it was boring, outdated movie. The debut film by Fritz Kirsch, everything is clear. After a couple of years he will remove the film “Gor”. Oh, how I have so much garbage in my head? And here you can see a young Sarah Connor. Cool she was. Key word — was. All out, but Zombion will stay with you forever!

“Children of the corn” off in the car. Maybe for these reasons he has so many sequels, I don’t know. In any case, if you do decide to plunge into this world, then I recommend you not to go deep in the field. The first part will be enough.

It is believed that movie better story. I would like, but still- no!


About the music. I had the strangest feeling that she in this film at all is not silent. I’m not saying that this is very bad, but somewhere in the middle began to get bored with all these corn motifs.

6 out of 10

New review: children of the corn 29.09.2017

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