New review: Children’s games 2 27.07.2017

In the 80-ies and 90-ies was launched an incredible number of new franchises the bloodthirsty murderers and monsters. This time is remembered by Voorhis Jason, Freddy Krueger, Romanowski zombies and many others. But perhaps the most unusual killer of those times is Chucky. With movies this is the real fiend all children of that generation was afraid of dolls in human growth. Even in the news increasingly began flickering stories about some mystical things with dolls. Like, the fact that in the Museum of the doll fell off the shelf — I mean, she’s alive, etc., and of these prophetic fanned very real sensation, and the creators had to heat on this hand. But now we are not talking about it, and about the film special praise at the time could not get, but now has become a cult phenomenon.

So, after the events of the first part, Andy pass into an orphanage, because his mother is under the supervision of therapists. At the same time, Chuckie restore factory, where this doll was made in. And to restore this doll because to prove to reporters that the doll was actually safe, and the child’s mother just went crazy. During the reconstruction of the dolls, one of the experts receives the discharge of unexplained origin, flies off, smashes the glass and soon dies. After this incident one of the employees of the Corporation, which oversaw the recovery process Chucky, picks up the doll of herself because she simply was no longer needed. When the employee is away to the liquor store to buy a bottle of wine, Chucky is also ringing in the orphanage where Andy and learns that the boy is temporarily living with a foster family. After that, Chuckie starts a new hunt for the boy to dwell in his body, and at the same time to kill all who stand in his way.

The first part was just not really cool. The main character in the face of Alex Vincent was very charming. And right after very much believed his feelings and laughed at his caring mother. The Director of the first part of Tom Holland, it would seem, from the absurd idea showed the world the incredible spectacle that was kept in suspense until the very end. To the word by the end it was a couple of unexpected momentico, but they are very relevant and scary as hell. The second part was, in terms of plot, the bad. In other words, the producers simply decided to cash in on a successful film. And they got it.

The resurrection of Chucky, if you could call it too looks ridiculous. Just when he ochelovechivaetsja in the guise of a doll, then how can he rise from the dead? In the movie he just put in the eye, then there was a discharge, it is not clear just why all. Now Chuckie can safely shred miserable. Actually this is probably the most important gaffe in the film. The writer simply couldn’t think of something better that was such an incident. The film also has other mistakes, which, of course, also affect the plot, but not very bright and many viewers do not even notice. For example, as Chucky found out that Andy is in a children’s home, and not at home? Where did he get these assumptions? It is not clear.

Special attention creators, as is customary in films of this genre, was paid to the murders. Not to say that they’re right scary, but to some extent shocking. The tape is very much lacking suspense, as it was in the first part. And somehow it becomes immediately apparent commercial focus of the project. And grown up Alex Vincent does not cause any power of attorney and warmth to the character. Until he’s significantly older, but this does not mean that worry about it do not have. The main aspect here is not what Chucky wants to possess the soul of the poor boy, and the fact that Andy no one believes, and the scene in the basement by the end of the film actually makes you rant and rave and wonder why life is so not fair to the people.

In the end I want to say that the film “Kids games 2” is much inferior in quality tape Tom Holland. But the character of Chucky is very fond of me, probably, all through the voice of brad Dourif. Also the movie was funny and thanks to actor caste. Yes, the film does not possess the genius and it is not necessary to expect from him something extraordinary. So if you have nothing to do, then look at the tape.

New review: Children’s games 2 27.07.2017

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