New review: Chocolate 28.07.2016

Never been a fan of dramas and melodramas, and it’s not that I’m a guy, but just these genres made “girly”. Yes, they are not even for girls, and for women whose life is a continuous hell: the unloved husband, horrible kids or anything. They find comfort in such movies where you can cry and envy. The film “Chocolate” stands out from the crowd with his flow and an unusual story.

It’s time to move on to the film.

Top 7 insights from the film.

1) the Way to a man’s heart is through his stomach (a little changed the meaning of the saying).

2) the movie should be a mystery that is not immediately give the answer. This success of Chocolate.

3) Sometimes you need to believe in miracles, otherwise why live?

4) Good and instructive films are still relevant.

5) Want to learn about the person — find out his favorite sweets.

6) Never let the opinions of others, because opinions are wrong.

7) Be strong and independent as Vien.

Summary: This film is worth seeing in the evening in a cozy atmosphere, brew a Cup of hot chocolate or coffee to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the film. If you have time, read the book, which was taken as a basis. It will reveal the characters 100%.

10 out of 10

New review: Chocolate 28.07.2016

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