New review: Christmas tango 06.10.2017

By the early seventies it was not long since, as Zorba the Greek was our dance, I in the world the glory of his Sirtaki and natural beauty that Greece itself along with the political situation in her special eyes, not pleased.

In a remote military garrison were on duty officer Stefanos Karamanidis in love with the wife of his commander, but don’t know how to tango. One to tango she could and was ready to find a new husband, but ahead loomed the Christmas holidays.

How — hand or prostitutes — shot of love tension harsh Stephanos, Director of the Greek film “Christmas tango” is not interested in. He just slipped his hero an ordinary Lazaro, who knew what to do in the rhythm of tango.

Order to share their tango skills with the commander Lazaros Lazaro is not particularly liked. It was not inspired by the opportunity to hold the hands and waist, to whom he felt a forbidden feeling, but, the order becomes a request, and kindness — she’s in Greece and kindness.

I liked this quiet Greek film from six years ago about the throes of love with this gay Antinoos Albania as ordinary Lazaro. In the Russian language picture I did not find and had to look at the Greek.

Oh, I also boom-boom in tango. And, although, judging by the film, knowledge of his pirouettes not automatically lead to happiness, anyway, I am sure that with the ability to be manufactured under tango me and not just me, it would be lighter.

8 out of 10

New review: Christmas tango 06.10.2017

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