New review: City of women 13.08.2017

In Director Federico Fellini can be divided into three categories of movies — 1) Films with a predominance of logical plot with smoothly into scenes (“Amarcord,” “the Road”, “Crooks”, “Nights of Cabiria”, etc.), 2) Moderate surrealist paintings (“the Voice of the moon”, etc.) and 3) is Filled with the surrealism of the painting, where there is no clear connection between what is happening (“Juliet of the spirits”, “Eight and a half”, etc.). This film belongs to the third category.

The plot: the Main character, uhlestyval the girl met in the train gets first to the meeting “feminists” in a certain hotel, then, when you try to back events are bringing it in like an enchanted landscape full of all sorts of eccentric people.

Caused emotion: From small intrigue in the beginning of the film until complete boredom in the end. Pros: high-Quality image.

Cons: the Excess of absurdity and surrealism, hyperbolized image of feminists, the slowness of the plot, ambiguous ending.

Conclusion: Many will disagree with my assessment, but the film is not for everybody.

4 out of 10

New review: City of women 13.08.2017

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