New review: Claustrophobia 26.09.2017

First feature film will wernick. Almost wrote “Igor”. And the first pancake was good at first, and then went lumpy. I will now explain. The film tells of the quest, “Claustrophobia”. What is it? Quest is a themed game where you are locked for a certain time in the room and you have to find a way out of it, using hints and clues.

So here’s Tyler’s birthday and girlfriend Kristen gives him and the guests invitation to the quest. Three couples after dinner, sit in a tinted van, which takes them in “adventure world”. All a little not on itself from such activities, but Kristen plays a major role. She takes the guys watch and phone, and then tying all of the eyes and distributes. The game started and the guys a long time can understand where they are and what to do. The heroes are trapped in different rooms and have to find a solution together. But Kristen is not, and everyone thinks that she is just watching what is happening. The game goes on until players start dying. Then it turns out that Kristen still watching, but it’s locked in a cage completely naked. And Tyler with the guys who are still alive, trying as quickly as possible to finish the game and save his beloved.

Before the events in the quest, the film resembled a typical American TV series with betrayals, deceptions and lovers. I’m even glad that he’s really more interesting than a movie about another quest, released a little earlier, which is called “Quest”. There are more characters revealed and at least you can start worry about them, but still something is not enough. Probably because acting in some individuals is quite limp. I divided the film in 3 steps. The beginning is interesting; the middle (quest) — Oh, a little worse, but okay, certainly better than “Quest”; the final — what!!!??? As you have seen from the finals I’m not happy, but to tell about it can’t because the spoiler. And even interesting riddles did not save this movie. And I would advise you to go see this movie, but I will not, as it is absolutely not worth the money spent.

New review: Claustrophobia 26.09.2017

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