New review: clean Sweep 26.06.2017

Trauma cleaner — professional quietly going about his work, not forgetting to take the medication for the eventual elimination of the consequences of the recent turmoil.

Once, at the personal request of the chief, he agrees to work in excess of the forces on favorable terms. And gradually our hero begins to seem that he was trapped. From which, however, still possible to get…

Quite an interesting story, the interest of which is almost to the finale, it remains unclear where in the end will be cleaner.

The audience is not unsuccessfully brought to the conclusion that the situation is dangerous for life and health of the protagonist, as he is invited to eliminate the final traces of the solution of family problems of the owner.

But the final situation discovers the weakness of the imagination of the filmmakers. Although the points are placed differently, but the upshot is very trivial.

We can say that in the end the viewer is laid out the plot scheme, he was not expecting but which is very primitive and has long been overwritten.

The value of “Stripping” in subtly permeating a large part of the story of morality: the snobbery and contempt for the little man can lead to very disastrous results. Or: you don’t have to despise the stranger.

New review: clean Sweep 26.06.2017

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