New review: Cloud-Paradise 20.06.2017

Died down the noisy and wordy discussion 1985-1990 years. Today, in the Internet age, we seem ridiculous and awkward sincere faith of simple people in the slogans of the reformers of the era of Perestroika, when it was impossible to verify what is true and what is false. People believe politicians in recent times — and more did not hope for anything, everyone was for himself. There was a great migration of destitute and abandoned to the fate of people: from village to city, from small towns to capitals of the republics of the former USSR to Russia and Vice versa, from their native country abroad.

“The cloud-Paradise” is a film-pricastie the collapse of the USSR and the subsequent separation of all against all. The film, unfortunately, has gone unnoticed is silenced by the collapse of state structures, ambitions, last hope, and faith in the best of each of us. The action takes place in a provincial town, but especially I want to note that the authors of the film inadvertently showed that in 5 years nothing has changed. No-th-th. This transcendental city as “City zero” Leonid Filatov, where glavgeroy also to pain in the heart want to leave, trying to leave the city. However, in “the Cloud-Paradise” is as real as transcendental; the cities we can observe today, especially if to drive off far away from Moscow, to the North or Eastern Siberia. I can confidently say that this film was made by us and about us. I was born in the village 12 years ago I, like Cole, had to leave their homes, to decide on this difficult but necessary step. Today this village is not on the map, and the people sunk into oblivion. By the way, probably the inhabitants of the capitals and cities might turn this off and for them it is difficult to judge because they live in a different reality, they often have to leave their homes, knowing that maybe they have nowhere to go. But this does not detract from the artistic value of the film, its heart simplicity and intimacy. The nostalgic theme in the film is expressed clearly and multi-faceted, is better than anywhere else.

Glavgeroy Kohl initially pushed some gopotato, but after further viewing, it became clear that Kohl’s is me, this is my friend, neighbor, every one of us. I can’t agree with the common opinion that the departure If expressed in Zuevsky “Changes!” not least because Kohl was not passively waiting for these changes, as most in the city, but he defied the unknown. Threw almost unconsciously, somewhere deep down realizing that the Time has come.

Music. I want to mention it separately. Already in one of the music of the film can be given a reward. The song “my little star” and “Cloud-Paradise” guitar, performed by the main character become a leitmotif of farewell with loved ones, with hometown, to the country, which after a year will disappear from the world map.

Camerawork in the film is extremely professional. The scene at the end of the film with the bus — a masterpiece of Soviet and Russian cinema. As I mentioned, the film quality is not the best, but the sunset glare of the sun and the departure of the main character taking all near and dear to people’s heart along with demonstrate the skilled work of a group of operators. Moreover, I didn’t think that at the end of the film the eyes turn teary.

Probably “Cloud-Paradise” the last good movie of the USSR without seamy side, spitting the last, bloody Stalin and other myths promoted by the mountain of Pro-Western liberal journalism.

It is unfortunate that the film went unnoticed and received awards or attention, because, despite the poor quality of the film was sincere and popular movie. But I am glad that he got the deserved recognition of a simple spectator.

10 out of 10

New review: Cloud-Paradise 20.06.2017

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