New review: Clown: the Movie 05.10.2017

I guess I should say that this film is a feature film adaptation based on the TV series “Clown”. In her native Denmark “Clown” goes back to 2005 years and has already 6 seasons and, judging by all, the creators of the series are not going to stop, because if we take into account the average score, put on IMDb (8,4 today), this soap Opera has a good success. But in our country about the “Clown” have heard a few (on CP even, there are so many voters that the average rating was formed), and therefore “Clown: the Movie” particular audience is not collected. And how can he collect if the TV is full of Patriotic (lion’s share) and the English series? And the Danish series is, excuse me, a tremendous surprise.

Nevertheless, despite such a high score obtained by the series “Clown” feature film caused me a lot of contentious issues (and here we must remember that in person I eye not seen). Does anyone like it when two overage blockhead doing unthinkable things? Because that’s what vengeance is demonstrated in “the Clown: the Movie”. One pulls for a trip of a minor family member, thus trying to prove his passion that he is willing to take responsibility for children. Running a little forward, firmly declare that no, he’s not ready, he is not suited to adult life, and in General it would be nice for him to undergo survival, but otherwise it’s not a man, but a sort of parody of the stronger sex. That only is his decision to go Hiking with my narrow-minded friend, who only thinks of sex, alcohol and drugs. Well downright exemplary guys.

Don’t know, but after watching “Clown: the Movie” began to take shape a final decision that Europe is crazy about sexual freedom, but, sorry, when two men staring, again, sorry to the genitals of a boy, deciding whether he had a normal size, you want to shrug off Europe and Denmark in particular, and go somewhere in Chelyabinsk, where I live is very harsh men. At least, it’s not funny and that this kind of jokes associated with the same sex, alcohol and drugs in the “Clown” abound, and on the other, you see, the creators brain and not enough. In General, Comedy plot so heinous that the provocative teen Comedy “American pie” — it’s just not “smehopanorama”, but still quite tolerable in the sense of humanism and ethics.

This superficial vulgar humor covers everything else in the film, including the acting. Although how can there be a game if the two main characters Frank the HV and Casper Christensen bring their characters from 2005? Yes, they literally have to live by them! about again, if we recall that the series I haven’t seen, to their heroes a lot of questions. For example, how to do with their intelligence level they themselves live quietly in the country that gave the world Hans Christian Andersen? Some disfranchised, to be honest. There only remains to tell the Director “Clown: the Movie” Mikkel, Nergaard, so he concentrated on detective thrillers (he worked with bands of a series of “Mysterium”), not plain nonsense, to which the word humor is only indirectly related.

Some may say that I was very fixated on oblico morale, my views do not coincide with the latest trends in free Europe and too Holy to relate to the age-old Russian values. And I can honestly say with pride that “Yes! It is true!”, because this kind of “freedom” as in “Clown: the Movie” I even visa-free regime is not necessary!

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New review: Clown: the Movie 05.10.2017

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