New review: Cocci – the Running Doctor 28.07.2017

The first attempt Baskova to go down in history of Russian cinema. And the first film of the tandem of Mavromatti-Basov. In my opinion, she was not entirely successful. Svetlana has not yet decided whether it shoots film or video art. Well, the influence of the series “the secret aesthetics of the Martian spies” on Mavromatti, which at this point haven’t found your style. Namely style killer black Comedy laced with dill. So it is something even in the style of shit with sugar and FSB agent of Pahom with the guard Limonov we will not see.

You should start with the fact that this film is so to say based on discourse 90styh. On popular in those days, the ideas that sometimes make their way through the nonsense and surrealism of what is happening. It is a dialogue of Pahom with work and, perhaps, a bloodcurdling cry of “Open your heart to the sky!” and, of course, booze of Pahom and Masleva (the best scene in the film). By the way, Brain Institute, which runs the Groin is really existing Institute where he studied syphilitic Lenin’s brain on the subject of genius.

I watched this movie 10 times and did not understand what he means. The plot revolves around a drama on the level of Faust. Groin is a Faust, who in exchange for knowledge was supposed to make someone something. But who and why? Just remember the phrase from the communal Mitasova: “Lenin did all shot in the head.” Probably about the operation and is referred to in the movie, because his Groin is still running from the Institute where Lenin dissected. So, a candidate for operation, all of the same type was working. Why is it? Rather, he represents the Russian people, who came out from under the Communist yoke, and now the infernal power Masleeva orders surgeon Pahom to give him the shot in the head, to implant in it the Bolshevik parasite and he again went on an infernal journey. Ha-ha-ha-ha, Yes, finally, finally I understand what the point of this film!

Here. And of course the end of the movie a bit predictable. And another thing. It is not clear what represents the Groin. Maybe he is a godless aspect of human intelligence that creates the science, atheism and high technology that separate man from religion and divine truths. And an example of such godless intellect was Russian Bolshevism and the Soviet government. That’s how it is. Here’s the parsley, then. It all fits together and thereby the cry “Eugene, open your heart to the sky!” looks ridiculous, and even as the last attempt of an agent of heaven Sergei Salnikov back the lost sheep of the Pahom to the truth. But no.

And at the end of Baryshnikov. Why is it? Dance, dance. You’re on! Dance, you’re on! Baryshnikov was a traitor to the Soviet Union. And this was and Groin. It turns out that now he will have to dance in tights, because he was cast out and declassed to the condition of the person collecting the spittle, rotino and dead rats.

Such cases.

10 out of 10

Instructive movie. It should be in schools to show.

New review: Cocci – the Running Doctor 28.07.2017

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