New review: Code 29.09.2017

In the film there is nothing remarkable, except for participation in it is still very young Kidman. But her undeniable talent at that time still sound asleep and Wake up not even going, but the reddish shade of hair was clearly dull. Brand charm is not at all, and the screen time allocated just — another friend of the protagonist.

Scenic picture is simple, if not primitive, but for its genre and for its time, quite digestible. Much worse things are with staging fights, especially considering the fact that all the characters have the skills of karate. A bright poster with the ninja and Kidman with a sword in the foreground, is an outright mockery of the audience. Every action scene, every movement, impossibly slowly, as if fighting under water and the stunts just miserable, all of it reduced to screen training and absurd pirouettes at the factory.

The film won’t be recommended viewing, because the cinematic period rich in far more competent “pugnacious” militants, select any — it will be clearly smotrimenya. Don’t waste your time!!!

New review: Code 29.09.2017

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