New review: Cold tango 29.07.2017

The filmmakers took a very dangerous topic — the Baltic States.

And, it seems, at first, the lips are right the thought about how different people have become hostages of the situation.

But then everything goes like in a bad movie.

More precisely, according to the established trend: bloody gebnya, horrible order and hereinafter.

I’m not talking about what just mediocre was depicted “Jewish” theme.

Hero is absolutely unwarranted and is reasonably separated from the family, but strange everything is happening in “the Pianist” was all logical and understandable. I’m not talking about what the tragedy looks like a farce and clowning. Too much emphasis on sentimentality. And cheap.

And after the episode with the German officer just wanted to wash off as soon as possible to unsee it! I thought merzotnee episode of rape in “the Wife of the zoo Keeper” can’t be, no! It’s very possible!

And after this any sympathy for the protagonist (if it was) evaporates instantly. Here is a man sworn to love cowering and crying as the last scum, and then still have something to hope for? Sur and an abomination!

I will not mention that every appearance on the screen Rinal Muhametov amazes me. No, it’s not the fact that he, a Jewish boy, both from Tom hardy native Vietnamese. It has no abilities, poor facial expressions and textures there is absolutely.

Further events are difficult to describe logically. Camerawork beyond: some of the shots clearly came in the final installation according to the principle “and so will descend!”.

The atmosphere of the retro drama? Yes there is. And Yes I am impressed by the movie “Thief” and “Driver for Vera”. But there was a strong story, fine acting and many other things, for which these films memorable.

But here is unfortunately a failure.

Small fees should not be surprised. And even powerful advertising would not be saved.

And to recommend that this movie is not worth it!

And even more to allocate public money.

New review: Cold tango 29.07.2017

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