New review: Colony Dignidad 30.07.2017

Terror, fear, rapid heart beat, feeling — all this is watching the movie “the Colony Dignidad”.

This movie can easily compete with horror films, and it will win. Not because the film is a lot of blood, sudden unexpected scenes and fictional scary characters. The horror that it was real. Already 14 of the minute, begin to slowly take in the atmosphere that long will not let go. Even after viewing. Man is the worst beast, he has a mind that can pomuchitsya. And People transformed into a herd led by a shepherd (Paul Schaefer). What a pity it all was. I just imagined yourself in the place of the main characters, and was scary as hell. The Director showed us only a part of those events. The reality lasted decades…

The film was stumbled. He was recommended on one of the sites as exciting. So. Early viewing treated him fairly skeptical, because I do not particularly like Emma Watson and the movies of this genre. Daniel Bruhl know how good of an actor. To me, this couple seemed completely incongruous. But this is only the beginning… they looked as a whole and completely merged with the painting. Great acting! Looking to forget about everything.

10 out of 10

New review: Colony Dignidad 30.07.2017

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